Common Questions & Answers:


Q:  Where does the 15% donation per order go?

A:  Directly to DAV (Disabled American Veterans) 

Q:  Will your products damage my yard?

A:  No, we only dig a small hole deep enough to support the flagpole. Our team will fill the hole when our products are picked up.

Q:  When will your products be placed in my yard?

A:  24-48 hours prior to each holiday listed above.

Q:  When will your products be picked up?

A:  24-48 hours after to each holiday listed above

Q:  Do I get to keep your products?

A:  No, we will collect all our items. 

Q:  What if I have already missed prior flag placement holidays?

A:  Your payment will cover a full cycle of the holidays listed.

Q:  Will I have to renew each year?

A:  Yes, and we appreciate your business!